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Deceased Estate Cleaning

There is no way to describe the sadness of losing a loved one. A person who has passed away may leave behind an assortment of possessions, accumulated throughout the years. For many, having to pack up their loved one’s homes and possessions is too painful. 

The team at Ricky Recycle understand the pain and realisation of having to do what is necessary, after the time of passing. 

We provide a comprehensive cleanup service, taking as much of the burden away from you as possible. We understand that left-over belongings may still hold significant sentimental value, which is why we will conduct all deceased estate cleanups with the utmost care. 

You can give us a list of belonging you want to be packed away and stored, recycled or given to charity, removed to another property, disposed of or put aside for sale or auction. We can sort through all of the belongings, collecting personal items for you and your family, mementoes and family heirlooms or photograph albums. At this sad time, we will tailor our services to suit your unique needs to do whatever you need us to do to make you more comfortable. 

Our professional team will come in and clean the property from top to bottom and prepare it for occupation. We will also clean and prepare your property for sale or auction. You do not have to worry about anything at all. 

Sometimes, a deceased estate cleanup requires a hoarding cleanup as well because the house is not habitable due to excessive storage and hoarding from one or more individuals. As with all of our cleaning services, all of your loved one’s belongings will be handled with care, sorted and disposed of as per your instructions, and the property will be returned to you, fully cleaned and ready for habitation. 

Our Deceased Estate Cleaning Service also offers: 

  • Sellable goods advice  

  • Handyman General Repairs 

  • Gardens pruned; Lawns mowed 


Contact us and our caring team will prepare a no-obligation quote. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that our exceptional services may even come at no 
cost to you *conditions apply* don't hesitate, to give us a call!

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